Why you should be hiring a professional to create your small business website

When you start a small business, you find yourself handling everything at the start. This is commonly referred to as wearing multiple hats. One moment you're managing sales, the other, you're overseeing operations, and then you may have to handle finances and accounting. This also includes any type of technology you may want to use, which usually tends to be some type of SaaS tool to help ease the burden of some of these functions.
As your company grows, you cannot handle everything, so you start to hire people to be able to take care of those positions that eventually become their own departments. That's always a good sign, but one place that seems to find itself on the backburner is building out your website. If you were to categorize where your website falls, it is not just one location. It falls between IT, Operations, and Marketing, depending on how extensive your site is. It results in it being one of the most critical components of your entire business.

Why is my small business website so important?

You may think you're one of the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of small businesses out there, so why would a website help in such a competitive landscape?
First, it helps with establishing a digital presence. It essentially becomes your digital HQ and helps to be that single source of truth when people find you. It will help connect to social media channels, have users find out more about your product or services, and even be a place to sell your products as an eCommerce channel.
There are too many benefits when it comes to having a website versus no website. But, first, you want to make sure that when people look for you online, they're able to see a professional site to help with their decision-making and can help convert those users.

Why not just make it by myself?

Some may think that using a Google Site when they set up Google My Business is enough of a digital presence. Or maybe they want to use a website building software such as WiX to build out a templated site. This may seem exciting to many as it takes them away from their day-to-day responsibilities of running a small business to learn something new. After all, if they were able to build a small business, why would a website appear to be that difficult?
There are lots of moving components that come together when building any type of website, and this can often be missed or not integrated properly. As the site continues to be made, there's a greater chance of an error occurring at the same time, leaving a compounding effect of mistakes that will eventually lead to a clunky, slow-to-load site. This can have the opposite effect intended with a website and can give the appearance that your business is unprofessional.
To avoid that, it's always best to work with a professional who has the right type of track record in website building and helps you craft a professional website faster than expected.

How a professional can help build out the best website

Initial planning is one of the key elements that come from working with a professional website developer. They will ask a lot of questions to ensure that the right type of site is being built. For example, is the site meant to be purely informational or have elements of eCommerce? Does the site want to be an authority on certain subjects and offer affiliate-type links to products, or does it need some specialized functionality such as booking systems and confirmations?
All of this needs to be decided beforehand as it will help with the overall flow of the site design and have an expected outcome that all parties involved can be satisfied with. The more time invested in the planning phase, the faster the right type of site can be built and go up.

Technical Areas

Then there's the more technical aspect of building out a website. Many website builders tend to sell what the site may look like and offer easy integration with hosting and connecting the domain properly. The demo sites look great, organized, and professional, and yet when you register and start trying to build out your own site, it simply doesn't have that right look and feel.
A professional will help get your site looking great every time, working to fill out the right images, designs, carousels, headers, and links to ensure that every item is working properly
Then you can properly integrate the additional plugins or add-ons into your site. Again, a professional website builder will know which ones to get the first time and make sure they are all compatible with each other. This can be quite a long-winded process for those that try to build out their sites themselves, and that's why working with a professional helps to eliminate that.

On to Marketing

After the site is properly up and running, it doesn't stop there. That was the simple part, and now it's about seeing your site. Many professional website builders will help to continue your digital journey and support you with technical marketing strategies such as SEO. SEO marketing helps your site show up on web search engines such as Google Search and requires a blend of technical updates and a consistent flow of content.
Said professionals will help to know which keywords and keyword phrases to use for your specific business and industry and help to gain those rankings that help to bring better visibility in the long term.

Isn’t it expensive?

Many small business owners, especially in the early days of their business, believe that building out a website and having it properly maintained and marketed is an expensive endeavor. That is simply not true, as long as you find the right type of professional to work with. There's an opportunity cost that comes from not having a website that can outweigh any costs associated with the construction of your site.
You'll end up not having a digital home base of your own and lack the digital professionalism that comes with having a website running and optimized. But, these days, the costs will not break any budgets and will get you an excellent website to help grow your business and build brand awareness. This is especially true if you decide to work with us.

Why Us?

Our pricing is extremely transparent, as you can quickly check here, so you know what you're paying for every month. We work on a monthly subscription because we believe that it's not enough to just have a website, and we want to really be more of your partner in growing your business versus just a vendor sales relationship.
On top of that, we can help you manage your costs as you only pay us a fixed fee for a professional level of service without needing to hire someone in-house to run your site. You've got enough on your plate and plenty of hats to wear when operating your business. Let us handle a critical component for you that will only help your business grow.

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