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CardsRUs was a new experience for Chrome Dome Web Designs and was a blast to work on. CardsRUs was a sports card investing discord server that popped up during the height of the pandemic in 2020. They provided free and premium services via their Discord server and needed a way to funnel customers through their site for both free and premium accounts. They needed a way to provide intuitive and easy access to their discord and also push their premium services through the site.


The strategy here was to build a fast way to draw users into the Discord as free users and then provide an E-Commerce platform to manage both premium subscribers and merchandise sales. They really needed a place to document the large amount of services they provided to premium users to start helping their user conversion. While also exposing all the free services they offered to drive users into the server without fear of a paywall. Of course having a place to sell their merch was top of mind as well.


Our approach was to use the landing page as a direct driver to the Discord server. The client felt that if we could get users in for free they could handle driving towards the Premium Services page on the site. Through the site's layout we also provided an about us and an explanation of premium that the client could then drive through their own channels. We also set up their E-Commerce platform where they could sell T-Shirts and Stickers.

Our Process

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In the end our strategy brought these results for this client

CardsRUs was a wild success through the 2020 and 2021 years during the height of both the pandemic and sport cards value. They were able to drive over 1,000 free subscribers through the site and into their Discord Server. Additionally through the subscription feature on their site they converted over 50 users to their monthly subscription. This was generating $500 in gross monthly revenue.

With their E-Commerce platform they launched their first T-Shirt on a limited run of 50 shirts and sold out on the first day! The E-Commerce platform provided their customers with an easy and trustworthy checkout that came with 0 issues throughout the experience. Following that launch they released another shirt design and stickers that was met with similar sales.

Eventually in 2022 the sports card market collapsed in on itself as the world fully opened its doors back open and CardsRUs closed their doors putting a bow on a site that burned hot and fast with wild success!

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