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TeachMeHowToCuddy was a fun temporary project that a client of ours wanted us to build to help communicate their coming wedding. The intention here was to provide a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for their wedding where they could communicate location and time of the event. Additionally they wanted a place to showcase their engagement photos and links to their wedding registries. For fun they also wanted a place to showcase their wedding party with goofy photos and quotes.


The strategy here was to build an elegant site using greenery and soft whites to provide a beautiful landing place for people who planned to attend their wedding. We planned to build a simple landing that showcased a beautiful photo of the couple as well as the time and location of their wedding. Additionally we would add a separate page with links to their registry and another page that would act as their photo gallery.


We approach this site with a bit of extra delecacy as we wanted the entire site to feel light and elegant. We were able to build the site in just under 24 hours due to the simple nature of it and launch it for the client quickly. We built out a gallery system that would allow them to blow up their pictures to full screen so they could show case them on a projector during their wedding and engagment party.

Our Process

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In the end our strategy brought these results for this client

TeachMeHowToCuddy did exactly what it set out to do for the client and they couldn't have been happier. The day before their engagement party they opened a request to add a feature for their family to leave loving notes via their phone that could then be rotated through on a big screen at their party.

We worked through the night to launch this in time for their party and every ounce of work was worth it. We were told after the party that it was such a hit and fun experience for those in attendance to leave a loving note and then see it immediately pop up on the TV for the newly engaged couple and party to see. It was such a hit and we are so happy we were able to make their special day such a joy through their website!

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