Virtual Personal Trainer


TreyTheTrainer was an interesting site concept that came with a lot of fun and interesting challenges. The overall goal of this site was to build a Virtual Workout Trainer to you via an online subscription. This was prior to 2020 when these platforms were still pretty new. The client wanted a way for users to sign up and pay for their subscriptions fully through the site. Additionally the client needed a way to capture the potential customers information before their lead hit his inbox to help with progressing them through a trial period.


The strategy here was pretty straight forward. We planned to build a customer funnel that would drive potential leads through a free trial survey where they would answer some questions about their goals and experience. The idea here being we would deter any customers that weren't serious while the customers who were more interested would fill out the entire survey and the client would build them a free trial workout plan so they could sample the service before paying on the website.


The plan here was to start with a sort of Proof of Concept to get this off the ground before building in too much logic and workflows. To start we created a standard site that explained the service and what a customer got from paying for it. Following that we added the transaction page and the Free Trial form. We used a service called AirTable for the client to manage the customers who filled out the Free Trial. This software worked like a spreadsheet that could be auto populated via the website once the customer submitted their form.

Our Process

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In the end our strategy brought these results for this client

TreyTheTrainer started off on fire. The client got over 30 Free Trial sign ups in the first few weeks. This naturally was quite a struggle for the client to keep up with. We experimented by reducing the trail down to 3 days to lessen the burden. Eventually we did move the service back to a week.

Through the following few months the client had a decent conversion rate and landed some monthly subscribers and a few yearly ones as well.

While we would classify this site as a great success in converting leads to paying customers, the workload of building workout plans ended up not being scalable for the client and the site was ultimately taken down.

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